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Top 5 Things a Woman Can Do to Protect Her Safety!


By Kupuna Kaewe

Any woman can find herself in a situation where she is concerned about her safety. We feel that every woman has the right to feel safe in her own environment. We offer these suggestions on how to stay safe and how to survive if attacked.

1. ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS: Predators are always looking for an opportunity to strike. If you’re walking alone talking on your phone or texting, you may not notice that you’re being followed. Two of the factors most predators consider when choosing a victim are surprise and anonymity.

� Surprise – They want to surprise their victims in order to quickly overpower or disable them.

� Anonymity – A predator not only wants what you have, but he also wants to escape and not be captured. To do that he must remain anonymous.

If he sees you looking down, avoiding eye contact with people you pass, he may think that you are afraid and unable to defend yourself. By making eye contact with people you pass, he realizes that you will be difficult to surprise if he does decide to attack. He will also worry that because you looked at him, you may be able to describe him for the police. At that point, he knows it’s better to choose another victim.

2. ALWAYS BE READY TO DEFEND YOURSELF: For some this may seem easier said, than done. But it’s not that complicated. If you’re aware of your surroundings, then most likely you will know when you need to dial up your alertness. Most of us have heard someone describe having “the feeling that something was wrong.” That feeling (intuition) is real and chances are you’ve felt it yourself. You just have to act on that feeling. So how can you prepare?

� Carry a Pepper Spray and be ready to run.

� Carry a Stun Gun and be ready to run.

� Be ready to run.

� Learn some basic Defensive Tactics.

In case you’re wondering, unless you’re well trained in defensive tactics, you practice frequently, are both mentally as well a physically prepared to repel an REAL ATTACKER, your BEST DEFENSE is always to run for help.

Police use pepper spray, tasers and stun guns to temporarily disable violent suspects, so that they may be further subdued and handcuffed. For your purposes, temporarily disabling an attacker with pepper spray, a taser or a stun gun allows you time to put distance between you and him. Remember pepper spray, tasers and stun guns do you no good if you have to fumble through your purse to find them. Have them ready!!

3. HAVE YOUR KEYS READY WHEN WALKING TO YOUR CAR AND WHEN DRIVING, ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOORS: According to the U.S. Justice Department, about 49,000 carjackings occur in the U.S. each year. Of those 93% occur in cities and suburbs; 90% are committed using some type of weapon; 92% happen when the victim is alone. Most attacks happen near the victims’ home or work. So how can you avoid becoming a carjacking victim?

� Don’t let yourself be boxed in. When stopping, leave room (between your car and the one in front of you) so you can drive away if an attacker approaches.

� Use the center lane when possible, it’s harder to box you in and there are more escape options.

� Old police cars are sold at auctions. Criminals can easily obtain one. Some still have lights. If you’re not sure a car following you is really a police officer, turn on your flashers, call 911 and continue to drive until you reach a place where help is available (unless the 911 operator confirms that the car behind you is a police officer).

� If a carjacker tries to force his way into your car, drive off, or get out and run.

� If a carjacker tries to force his way into your car and is blocking your exit, if you have pepper spray or a stun gun, use them and run.

� When you reach your destination, look around before you park and get out. If you see someone suspicious, keep driving and call for help.

4. HOW TO BE SAFE IN YOUR HOME: Every woman has the right to feel safe in her own environment, especially her home. If you live alone, you can have complete control of your environment. If you have a roommate, it can get complicated. My best advice is to pick a roommate you trust, talk candidly about security and make sure it’s as important to your roommate as it is to you. Don’t forget to talk about visitors. If you can’t find common ground, consider finding another roommate. How do you make your home safe?

� Consider having a quality, remotely monitored burglar alarm installed. All windows and doors should be monitored. The system should also have motion detection capabilities and a panic alarm.

� All entry doors should be substantial and in good condition.

� Have all locks and hinges inspected by a qualified person.

� Make sure all windows are operable and can be properly secured.

� Have all smoke alarms inspected and tested. Repeat annually.

� Your main entry door should have at least one small window, or a peep-hole, so you can see who’s at your door without opening it.

� If you have a garage, have the doors and locks inspected.

� Any faulty door, lock, hinge or window should be repaired or replaced.

5. HOW TO BE SAFE ON A FIRST DATE: Since we can’t read what’s on another persons’ mind, your intuition is one of your best defenses. If you get the feeling that something is wrong, it probably is. What should you consider?

� Always meet in a public place. Never have him pick you up at home. Later you may decide that you don’t want him to know where you live.

� If you go somewhere else after meeting, always use your car. This allows you to control where you go and when you leave.

� Avoid drinking on the first date, or limit your drinking. Alcohol can impair judgment and reduce inhibitions.

� Never leave your drink unattended, you should at least be able to see your drink if it’s not possible to hold it.

� Let someone know where you are and arrange for them to check on you during your date.

� Limit how much information about yourself you give out on the first date.

� Don’t be too quick to provide social network information about yourself on your first date. Stalkers will frequently use social network information to learn where you go and who you associate with.

� Never take your children on a first date. Never add your child’s pictures to your online dating profile. Child predators frequently use dating sites to find victims.

� Never give out your home telephone number. Give your cell number instead. It’s easy to use the internet to find your address using your home telephone number.

� Most of all, RELY ON YOUR INTUITION. If something feels wrong, listen to your “gut” and get out NOW!

We hope something we have said here helps keep you safe and we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. If you have a question, please send it. Find us at like us on Facebook, or follow us on twitter.

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